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ZEUEE conceives, builds, installs and services customised machines and plants for automating the assembly, crimping, tapping, drilling and other manufacturing process. Shenzhen  Zeyu  Intelligent Industrial Science Technology CO.,LTD was established in 2005, located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, covers an area of about 10000 square meters, more than 200 employees.

 Equipment complete and elegant environment, strong technical strength, research and development of dozens of patent, and through ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, is a collection of industrial automation equipment R & D, production and sales as one of the

High tech enterprises. Is committed to providing the entire factory automation solutions for the enterprise, realize the automation, information technology, intelligent plant data。

Main products are: depth robot applications, intelligent storage and logistics systems VGA car, intelligent stamping solution scheme, the field of automatic assembly coordination, forming solutions.

The company equipment widely used in doors and windows hardware, aerospace, precision electronic / electrical appliances, logistics, auto parts, high-end intelligent service etc.. Customers have been all over Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

Southeast asia.


More than 80 hardware and software development engineer, they have 15 years

以On the research and development experience, is a wise, rigorous, lively

Force and creative team. The team at the technical level

Face strictly, so that each intelligent solutions and each set

Perfect delicate preparation. In addition, our country invested heavily in the introduction

International advanced technology, organizational elite to study overseas, constantly absorbing

Collect the latest international technology and ideas, keep pace with the times。


In order to ensure the supply capacity of equipment and product quality, the company set up

Vibration plate division, a division of sheet metal, precision parts

Processing department, with CNC machining center, precision lathe, precision

Dense grinding, milling machines and other professional production equipment and quality inspection department;

Assembly department of professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, and the correlation between

The management department of 30 people. The world's top class and preferred

Vendors, such as KUKA, ABB, EPSON

SIASUN, Guangzhou SIEMENS, Schneider, NC, FESTO

SMC, MITSUBISHI, Japan, East, etc..


More than ten years of continuous development of the company, has a high literacy of College

Provide system service team for customers, forming a fine finish

Good service system. In the industry, we have a professional, good faith

And quality service to win reputation. The team members from Wuhu

The world, across the international, there is no shortage of senior consultants, proficient in English

English, Russian, Japanese and other foreign elite US sales

After the service slogan "at all costs, with the fastest speed

Is to help you as long as you have needs, we will solve the problem. "

Is your customer service Altman, quick response, timely solutions