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Talent Strategy
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Talent Strategy

Talent culture

       Companies around the strategic goal of building "the world first-class automation equipment R & D manufacturer", adhere to the strategy of talent strong enterprises, adhere to the people-oriented, firmly grasp the training, attracting and make good use of talent, and three links, vigorously strengthen the management personnel, professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel three ranks, and actively build talent resources ability construction and talent incentive mechanism as the focus of the new personnel management system, for the continuous development of the company grow provide the talent guarantee。

       Company firmly establish a "talent resource is the first resource", "talent advantage is the biggest advantage", "everyone can be talent," the concept of talent, increase the talent introduction and development efforts, and strive to build a sufficient number, structure optimization, reasonable distribution, with domestic non-standard automation industry's top level talent team, activate the subject consciousness of the personnel, each kind of talented person's potential to be fully released, form the advantage of talents for the company, to enhance the company's competitive advantage。

       The company relies on Shenzhen talent advantage, actively introduce mature talents and college graduates. Through internal training, optimizing and integrating the various educational resources, in accordance with the principle of "important focus on talent training, talents strengthen training, shortage of talent pay close attention to the training, young people often training", focus on the cultivation of learning ability, practical ability, and strive to improve the innovation ability. The company advocates the job, starting from the establishment of learning organization, promote the staff to firmly establish the concept of "lifelong learning"。

       To establish "the integration mechanism of training, assessment, use and compensation". Adhere to the "promising is only, promising only", associated with the treatment and the incentive oriented, the immediate incentive and long-term incentive combination, in terms of income distribution, promotion, evaluation of professional titles, appraised incentives to implement tilted to the outstanding talents. The formation of a good situation to encourage people to do business and support personnel from doing business well and help talents。

       公Our ability to establish the mechanism of talent evaluation and performance oriented, pay attention to practical inspection personnel, promote the full KPI (key performance indicators) assessment, promote talent talent shows itself。


compensation system

        The company according to the development of enterprises and human resources management needs, design salary system based on personal ability and job, salary allocation of responsibility, ability and achievement and income, also encourage employees to continue to learn and improve their ability to work, with individual performance to win lucrative returns. The company focuses on optimizing the salary distribution system, improve the management effect by improving employee's income。


career path

        Company through the construction management personnel, professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel three support team and personnel provide smooth career path, everyone can according to their own characteristics and strengths, in the field of their own good to make achievements. The company pays great attention to the investigation and selection of personnel, according to the demand of human resources and personnel strengths, can also convert development and cross development in personnel management, professional technology and skills。

 Training system

        The company insists on carrying out internal training, using concepts and advanced training methods, expanding professional knowledge and skills upgrading. Companies adhere to the "please come in, going out" principle, expatriate personnel to go to some well-known domestic enterprises to visit and study, strengthen of advanced concepts and cultural exchanges, to hire industry experts lectures and organize personnel to go out to learn, through multi-level training to improve staff quality and ability, renew the conception and knowledge。


Social security benefits

        Company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state for the employees for pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, such as social insurance; employees enjoy vacation all the provisions of the state, such as wedding, funeral, education and paid annual leave; in labor protection, summer cooling, condolences festivals, schooling of children and other aspects are given employee welfare concern。


 Ocio y tiempo libre VIDA

        The company actively organized many activities, such as visiting machinery and equipment exhibition, held in the basketball game, communication reports, theatrical performances, lectures, in a variety of cultural and recreational activities enrich the staff of life。