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Package sorting robot application industry

Machine features:

1.The machine uses the vibration disc feeding automatically, realize the battery box and the LED lamp assembly and molding etc.。

2.Light IB-LED automatic production line circuit, gas pipes should be arranged inside the organization and other non exposed part, and arranged in neat, fixed position fixed and keep the structure appearance is neat and orderly, convenient operation。

3.Equipment abnormal alarm and prompt information guidance function, incoming inspection and lack of material the prompt function, preset number production, counting function etc.。

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Package sorting robot application industry

Machine parameters:


capacity: 30-35pcs/min

Power Supply:AC220V 50Hz


weight: 150KG

size: 720*480*700 MM

Package sorting robot application industry
Package sorting robot application industry

The cake and food handling。

When using the robot to do content:

A. Select the appropriate robot and design base (according to the radius and load)

B. For robot eyes (proximity / photoelectric sensor)

C. To get started with the machine (according to the requirement of fixture design)

D. To the robot with brain (by a program)

A six axis robot is about 150 thousand, 10 years of life。

Artificial 60 thousand per person per year, additional management cost, service cost。

China population inverted Pyramid structure, 80's born each year about 25 million of the population, 90 were born in a population of only about 15 million. The workers will be less and less, only a large number of application of machine

People can reduce the cost in the future in an invincible position!